Raymond Terrace Bowling Club is a Community Club and as part of our commitment to the Raymond Terrace community we have funding available to support local groups and schools, etc.

Funding provided directly from Raymond Terrace Bowling Club is not part of ClubGRANTS.

Funding/Sponsorship applications to Raymond Terrace Bowling Club include:

  • A cash financial request,

  • In-kind financial requests for items for any purpose; e.g. voucher for a raffle, requests for personnel (e.g. qualified staff), requests for the use of the Club’s facilities (e.g. free room hire) or requests for the supply of products and services which the Club uses in its ordinary business activities (e.g. free wine for a function).


Assessment of Club Donation Requests

All requests will be assessed by the Board of Directors according to criteria set within Board Policy.


Request Process

When submitting a request we ask for the following documentation to be completed:

  • Club’s Donation Request Form (click here to obtain document)

  • Accompanying descriptive letter regarding the reason for donation request, if you are writing on behalf of an organisation we require the letter to be on your organisation’s official letterhead.


We ask that both documents are forward by one of the following methods:

  • Mail to PO Box 89, Raymond Terrace  NSW 2324

  • Emailed to or

  • Delivered to the Club’s Office at 2 Jacaranda Avenue, Raymond Terrace  NSW 2324 marked to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer


When submitting a request to ensure we are able to assess your request in a timely manner we ask for your application to be submitted at the latest 1 (one) month prior to your requirement.



Reporting and Acknowledgement

A condition of approval of donation funding is to provide a report to the Board of Directors. The format of the report depends of the value requested as follows:



Reporting Method

Reporting Schedule

Up to $500 (cash)


On completion of the project

Up to $500 (in-kind)

Letter of acknowledgement from recipient

On completion of the project

$500 up to and including $5,000 (cash and in-kind)

Funding Report

On completion of the project

Over $5,000

(cash and in-kind)

Funding Report + Statutory


One progress report and on completion of the project

Over $10,000

(cash and in-kind)

Club and benefiting organisation must enter into a funding agreement / formal contract.

Up to two progress reports, up to one formal presentation to the Board and on completion of the project